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Commission Options:


Headshots: $35usd


Halfbody: $55usd


Fullbody: $75usd

Each Fullbody includes a complimentary png file of your character!

Scene Illustration: $115usd*

*Minimum price; total price may vary based on level of detail and additional characters. Please contact me via email or Instagram for further questions!

Colored Sketch
Headshot: $20usd
Halfbody: $35usd
Fullbody: $50usd


LPS-Style Fullbody: $30usd


Headshot: $15usd
Halfbody: $20usd


Simple/Chibi/Plushie Fullbody: $40usd

Commission Gallery:

How To Order a Commission From Me:

Send an email to with the following information:

Subject: Commission Request for [your name, username, etc.]

Body: Commission type (headshot, fullbody, etc.) as well as Description + References (pose, mood, personality, decorations, color palette, canvas size, etc.)

* Make sure to include the email address that you'd want me to use for your PayPal invoice! 

You can also just message my instagram @purplekittenstudios!

Terms of Service

- Payments will be made via PayPal with a 5% fee. 

- I start your commission once full payment has been received. Refunds can only be requested if the commission has not been started yet.

- I retain the rights to post the artwork and use it for social media and portfolio purposes. However, I do not hold the rights to reproduce copies of your commission.

- I will draw: animals, fantasy creatures, humans, humanoids, fanart, original characters (OCs), anthropomorphic animals, plants, scenery, light mech and slightly suggestive subject matter.

- I won't draw: gore, fetish, violence, heavy mech.. you probably get the idea. With this being said, I reserve the right to decline a commission request.

- As long as you credit me, you may share the artwork publicly!

- My commissions can take anything from a week to a month, depending on the queue and the complexity of the request.

Commission Procedure

1. Once your request is accepted, I will send you an invoice via email, which must be paid within 72 hours.

2. I will send you a sketch; mostly for roughing out the general idea. I can do up to 4 rough sketches if need be, to get you the composition you want.

3. Once the concept/composition is approved, I will start the tight sketch, which may include color and shading but will mostly showcase the clean lineart. After I send you progress shots, you can request up to 3 small edits before I move onto the final color and embellishments.

4. Once I finish your commission, I will send you a high-resolution jpeg image, as well as a png version if asked for/applicable to the project. At this point, I no longer make edits unless I made an honest mistake.

5. Done! Enjoy your lovingly and thoughtfully illustrated artwork from me!

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